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Wet and Forget 5ltr bottle of concentrate will make approx 30Ltrs of product. (99g/l Benzalkonium Chloride)

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The original Wet & Forget concentrate is the ultimate outdoor moss, mould, lichen and algae remover that is safe to use on any exterior surface. It kills problem spores and helps stop premature regrowth of unwanted biological growth.

How it works
The original Wet & Forget concentrate has a unique combination of biodegradable selective fungicides to target moss, mould, lichen, algae, and general biological growth. When diluted with water and applied to a dry surface, it immediately attacks the growth. These fungicides work in conjunction with a carefully selected range of surfactants to help loosen and lift biological growth, and then Mother Nature takes over. The weathering process gently removes the decomposing growth over time without damaging the surface it has infested.

How to apply Wet & Forget

Sweep all leaves, dirt and other debris off the surface before application to allow for maximum penetration of the active ingredients.
Dilute one part Wet & Forget to five parts water (1:5) in a garden or backpack sprayer.
Spray the affected area to the point of saturation. Do not hose off.
Apply during overcast, dry conditions to avoid accelerated evaporation.
Do not apply if rain is expected in the next 12 hours.
Lichen requires a second application within 15 minutes of the first.
Keep children and pets off the treated surface until dry (normally 1-2 hours).
If badly contaminated, apply a second application one month after the first.
When to expect results with Wet & Forget

Algae will disappear within days.
Moss will turn brown within a few days and other light growth will decompose within a few weeks.
Black mould will noticeably improve within 4-6 months, however if the area is heavily contaminated it will take 6-12 months.
Lichen requires two applications within 15 minutes of each other and will take 8-12 months to decompose.

Pls read instructions on Bottle for correct usage of product

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